Urgent medical attention in critical situations
Hospital emergencies
Disasters and humanitarian emergencies
Anesthesiology, sedation and resuscitation
Emergency assistance

Chronic wound care
Home care
Family and couple conflicts
Nutrition and clinical metabolism
Comprehensive care in women’s health

Emergency care in extreme situations
Out of hospital emergencies

Continuous education in emergencies, basic and advanced life support, urgent comprehensive care, and transportation and mobilization.

Chronic wound care

Bedsores, basic concepts in stoma therapy, cancer patients,
comprehensive care of pain

Anesthesia, Sedation and Resuscitation

Anesthesiology and resuscitation, analgesia and sedation, pain

Assistance in emergencies

Basic and advanced support, training and research in the emergency health, psychology and hospitalization, emergency care

Disasters, emergencies and humanitarian aid

Health disasters, infectious diseases, urgent comprehensive care of multiple injuries, medicine in extreme situations, coordination of volunteers, psychology and hospitalization, emergency care.

Home care

Home care, rehabilitative action to geriatric patient, terminal patient care at home

Family and couple conflicts

Family mediation, conflict management, gender violence, sexology.

Nutrition and clinical metabolism

Dietary and diet-therapy, developments in diabetes, comprehensive care of obesity, eating disorders, nervous anorexia and bulimia, endocrine-metabolic emergencies

Comprehensive care of women’s health

Health manual modern women, nursing care in gynecological disorders, menopause therapy

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